Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Take Two

Back by quasi-popular demand (two requests), I am now returning to the IFC. Got a midweek batch of B.P. in the oven; an inconsistent selling rate at the gourmet takeout across the street; a new, relatively lucrative (!) freelance copywriting gig on my computer (book covers for the publishing house); a daughter who I apparently put too much pressure on, so I'll no longer be going public, completely bustin', over her achievements, and in particular, her rash of upcoming performances; another surprise business venture I've yet to mention though have been sitting on for years, but suddenly my one-of-a-kind Lost and Found tween jewelry collection is possibly a wanted item at a seriously hip East 9th Street store; and a bunch of other stuff I guess I'll get into eventually. I also still maintain a two times per week Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout DVD average, but that's probably the last you'll hear about that.

Shout out to N.M., funist, who inspired me (didn't take much) with his...UNSOLICITED ADVICE (trademark 2008, J.K.).


  1. Welcome back IRC! I missed you.

  2. Well, actually, it's IFC, but thanks!

  3. I'd like to say it was a typo, but I was thinking IR for Irreverent.